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At Bug-A-Way, we stand by our motto “The bug stops here.” Taking care of the customer is what is most important to us here at Bug-A-Way. We pride ourselves on our success rate of pest control in all of our services offered. Our company has a variety of Integrated Pest Control solutions for your pest control problems and the record to prove it. With over 53 years’ worth of experience and exceptional customer satisfaction, the bug truly does stop with Bug-A-Way pest control.

House con idicating residential services.Residential

With over a half a century dedicated to protecting your homes from pests, Bug-A-Way has the Integrated Pest Control solution for you. After an inspection of your home, we put together the best, individualized treatment plan for your pest problem. Our highly trained and certified technicians ensure the safety of your family and home with any treatment solutions we implement, in order to protect you and your family. Providing great customer service is our number one goal.

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Bug-A-Way strives to control pest problems, while preventing any damage to your business’s contents and structures. Our Pest Control Technicians are certified and properly trained to take care of your commercial pest problems. After inspecting your specific problem, we start a pest control and prevention system customized to your distinct requirements. We have over 50 years of experience in providing Integrated Pest Control services for office buildings, retail stores and any other type of commercial setting. Our proven success in commercial pest control makes us one of the most reliable companies in our service area.

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With solutions for all pest and rodent problems in every industrial environment, we at Bug-A-Way have created specialized treatments for all industries. Our company has programs for food distribution, manufacturing, food production, shipping and receiving warehouses, along with other various industrial environments. Bug-A-Way creates a customized treatment and monitoring service to meet each unique problem we encounter. Our Integrated Pest Control system will control fly, rodent, bird, and any other pest problems in your facility. We follow all state requirements and only use what is allowed for your industries working environment. Safe and approved methods of treatment and prevention, are the only way we do things. We will always look out for your company’s best interests.

Food serving tray icon idicating food service.Food Service

Our company provides the highest quality service, for your food service facilities. We begin by doing a complete inspection of your facility, which is followed by assessing the information obtained upon our inspection. Based on the data we gather, we implement a unique Integrated Pest Control solution that meets the particular needs of your business. Once the problem is treated, we provide regular service and monitoring to ensure complete pest control and prevention. This service also includes fly and rodent control.

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Here at Bug-A-Way, we understand the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of all your patients and staff at your facility. We have Integrated Pest control solutions to meet the needs of all hospitals, physicians’ offices, medical supply facilities, in addition to housing and nursing home facilities. Our highly trained staff will ensure all treatments are done correctly, with the proper chemicals, baits, and monitoring stations, as required by state regulations. Our primary goals are to control and prevent all pest control issues with regular monitoring and treatments, all while ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

A mosquito icon idicating mosquito and pest misting services.Mosquito and Pest Misting

Take back your yard with our new Mosquito and Pest Control Misting System. No more wasting money on candles and pesticides from the store, we now offer a service that will help control spiders, flies, wasps, ticks and especially mosquito's. Our trained professionals will locate breeding grounds of mosquito's and mist your yard, killing existing pests and keeping new ones out. With regular service, we can keep mosquito's and pests away all year. We at Bug-A-Way will give you and your family protection from the health risks caused by mosquito's and other pests.